V-Comb Cleaning Instructions

After treatment, switch off and unplug the V-Comb from the power source. Remove the combing head from the main body by disassembling the unit. Detach the capture filter carefully, replace the V-Comb Capture Filter lid to the capture filter and dispose of properly.

Cleaning Instruction 1


Cleaning Instruction 2

Do not insert anything into the back of the combing head or hold it under running water. This will damage the valve.


With the brush provided, clean any head lice and eggs that might be caught between the teeth of the comb. Fill a bowl or sink, about 10 cm deep, with hot (not boiling) tap water and only submerge the combing head.

WARNING: DO NOT SUBMERGE THE MAIN BODY OF THE V-COMB, IT WILL CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE DEVICE. Remove from water and dry thoroughly. Do not shake the combing head as it may damage the valve.

Cleaning Instruction 3

WARNING: DO NOT USE BOILING WATER TO CLEAN THE V-COMB AS IT WILL DAMAGE THE UNIT. Ideal water temperature is 60°C. Do not soak for more than 5 minutes.


Please ensure the teeth are dried thoroughly before storing.