Licetec V-Comb

The Licetec V-Comb™ is a revolutionary device that uses the simplicity of combing. In addition to being both 100% Chemical and Allergen free, it can also be used on all hair types without creating a mess.

  • 100% Chemical & Allergen-Free Head Lice Treatment
  • Hygienic & Completely Mess Free
  • Effectively Eliminates Head Lice & Eggs
  • Detects & Prevents Head Lice Re-infestation
  • Robust & Easy to Use Design
  • Easy to Clean for Regular Head Lice Treatment
  • Patented Innovative Technology
  • Connects to Electrical Main

Step 1:

Securely attach capture filter to V-Comb combing head, ensuring it clips into place  (until you hear a click) and re-attach the combing head to the main body by aligning the guiding arrows and twist to lock.

Step 2:


Hold and push down the knobs on both sides to manually adjust the combing angle. Two set positions are available: straight or raking position.

Step 3:


Brush hair to remove knots and separate into sections using hair clips. Ensure the V-Comb is right way up and start from the nape of the neck and work your way up, one section at a time.

Step 4:


Section the hair no wider than the teeth and comb close to the scalp. Comb through each section several times and in all directions (top, bottom, left and right).

Step 5:


After treatment is complete, immediately remove the capture filter from the V-Comb and replace lid before discarding. Clean comb using the brush provided.

Capture Filters trap head lice and eggs removed from the hair and into the Capture Filter. After treatment, simply detach the Capture Filter and snap on the lid for Hygienic disposal.

Quick application

Securely attach capture filter to V-Comb combing head, ensuring it snaps into place (until you hear a click) and reattach the combing head to the main body by aligning the guiding arrows and twist to lock.

After treatment is complete, immediately remove Capture Filter from the V-Comb and snap on the lid before discarding.

Step by step instructions can be found in the quick guide link.

Replacement Capture Filters are available separately in an 8 pack. Click here to buy.

Troubleshooting your Licetec V-Comb

Q: After combing, I can still see white spots in my child’s hair.

A: The Licetec V-Comb has stainless steel teeth which is specifically designed to remove head lice and eggs, the white spots you see after treatment is dead/empty nit shells which will come out after washing.

Q: The V-Comb is not picking up anything in the capture filters.

A: Please check that the head unit is being used in the correct position, making sure that the little critters are being directed through the combing teeth and into the vacuum opening. Head lice do not fly or jump, but are known to lay flat against the scalp making them difficult to see if they are freshly hatched or have not fed on blood from the scalp.

Q: There is still head lice after the first day of treatment!

A: Nits typically have a hatching period of 7-10 days, thus it making it imperative that you complete the treatment cycle in order to reduce the possibility of a reinfestation. You should start seeing noticeable results after the first day.

Q: The unit’s suction is not forceful enough.

A: The Licetec V-Comb is specially designed to provide enough suction power without pulling on to hair. Rest assured, correct positioning of the head unit will ultimately demonstrate greater results.

Q: The unit is pulling on/getting tangled with the hair.

A: For best results, make sure that the hair is combed through and separated into manageable sections prior to treatment. 

Q: Should the Licetec V-Comb be used on wet hair?

A: The Licetec V-Comb operates most effectively on dry hair. Users may wet the hair prior to treatment in order to untangle any knots.

Q: Can the Licetec V-Comb be re-used?

A: Absolutely, the Licetec V-Comb was designed to be able to treat the entire family time and time again. Please make sure that the unit is properly cleaned using the instructions provided.

Q: If I use a chemical/solution based treatment, do I still have to comb the hair after treatment?

A: Yes! Because there is no solution/chemical product which is harsh enough to be able to penetrate the lice eggs without causing harm to the scalp, combing still plays an important step in ending the lice life cycle. 


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Licetec V-Comb

$59.99 inc. GST

Licetec V-Comb

$59.99 inc. GST

The Licetec V-Comb™ head lice treatment device comes fully equipped with 4 capture filters to handle any infestation. The Licetec V-Comb connects to the electrical power mains using an Australian plug which can be used in conjunction with adapters to suit all countries. Replacement capture filters are also available in packs of 8.


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